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Fireproof cable is for use in trunking and steel conduit. It is Ideal for fire alarm circuits, fire detection and emergency lighting systems where twisted pairs or a metallic screen are not required. The cable features a plain annealed copper conductor and has a low smoke zero halogen insulation with MICA fire resistant tape.

Product Code Conductor Size Stranding (mm) No of Cores Weight (Kg/Km) Diameter(mm) Price (ex. VAT)
6491f1.5 FROM £5.37 ex. VAT
( £6.44 inc. VAT )
Conductor Size: 1.5 Stranding (mm): 7/0.53 No of Cores: 1 Weight (Kg/Km): 32 Diameter(mm): 3.30 £5.37
Superlec 1X1.5 MICA, LSZH, BS6387 CWZ
6491f2.5 FROM £0.74 ex. VAT
( £0.89 inc. VAT )
Conductor Size: 2.5 Stranding (mm): 7/0.67 No of Cores: 1 Weight (Kg/Km): 43 Diameter(mm): 3.75 £0.74
Superlec 1X2.5 MICA, LSZH, BS6387 CWZ
6491f4 FROM £0.99 ex. VAT
( £1.19 inc. VAT )
Conductor Size: 4.0 Stranding (mm): 7/0.85 No of Cores: 1 Weight (Kg/Km): 55 Diameter(mm): 4.30 £0.99
Superlec 1X4.0 MICA, LSZH, BS6387 CWZ

Technical Information

Temperature limits: -40°C to +90°C
*Bending radius: As Per Manufacturers Datasheet
Standard Colours available: Brown, Blue, Grey, Black, Green/Yellow
Should not be installed at temperatures below 0°C or above 40°C