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Electric Fires: Are they Eco-Friendly?

December 9th, 2021

Traditional wood burner fireplaces are a great way to transform a room into a haven of warmth and cosiness, as well as offer a source of heat that can toast up a chilly room very quickly. A roaring fireplace can provide a living room with an attractive focal point that will impress friends and family alike.

However, whilst wood-burning models may first come to mind when you think about a traditional fireplace, they have recently been under scrutiny. This is because traditional fireplaces that use wood as a fuel source produce several harmful pollutants.

The recently concluded COP26 summit brought climate change to the forefront of our minds, with many people asking how they can make eco changes to protect the environment at home.

What electric fires alternatives are there?

Electric fires are a great alternative to a traditional wood burner fireplace. However, despite advancements in flame technology, they are often seen as less desirable by those who want a real flame in their fireplace. For those who are looking for an eco-friendly fireplace, they are a very attractive option.

This is because electric fires provide an efficiency rating of 100%, which means that all of the electricity used goes into producing heat. On the other hand, electric fires often require more energy to heat than their gas counterparts but are more efficient in how they distribute the heat energy throughout your home.

Electric fires in comparison to traditional wood and coal fireplaces produce no smoke or fumes. So of course, they don't require a chimney or any other form of ventilation.

Where can you buy an electric fire?

Here at Superlec Direct, we offer better-than-trade prices with a range of different style electric fireplaces such as fixed, wall-mounted, and free-standing. Add a touch of style to your living room or your evening space with one of the high-quality models from our product range, featuring top brands such as Dimplex and Ezewarm.

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