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Halogen vs. Infrared Electric Heaters: Which Should You Choose?

November 8th, 2021

Forum Lighting Glow Wall Mounted Patio Heater ZR-32301

Electric patio heaters are a great addition to any garden or outdoor commercial setting, allowing you to enjoy outdoor space all year round. From free-standing to wall-mounted, outdoor heaters come in a variety of forms and styles. Two of the most popular types of electric outdoor heaters are halogen and infrared, but which should you buy?

Infrared Patio Heaters

Infrared heaters work in a similar way to our own sun by radiating heat across an area using electromagnetic waves. Unlike harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared works across a very narrow spectrum and does not carry the risk of skin damage. The main benefit of infrared heat is that it is absorbed by people and objects such as furniture. The heat then dissipates to the surrounding area providing more consistent temperatures over larger areas.

Halogen Patio Heaters

Halogen patio heaters are remarkably like infrared heaters in that they warm up quickly, are powered by electricity, provide heat (often in the infrared spectrum) and have low environmental pollution. However, a key and significant difference is the type of heat waves that are emitted from a halogen heater. Halogen heaters cast a powerful yet shortwave heat meaning the area in which they cover is often smaller, making them better suited to gardens and patios.

  Infrared Patio Heaters Halogen Patio Heaters
Powered By: Electricity Electricity
Coverage: Objects and people absorb waves which then dissipate to surrounding area High-intensity, shortwave heat
Ideal For: Commercial settings and larger areas Home gardens and patios

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