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LED Strip Lights - Five ways to decorate your home

December 2nd, 2021

Here at Superlec Direct, we stock a wide-range of LED lighting, in particular LED strip lights that can be customised by you in your home. Our LED Flexi-Strip range allows you to decorate your home using flexible lighting to create ambiance and a colourful environment. They are long enough to provide you with 5 metres of LED lighting to suit your needs, with colour changing RGB and the option to have remote access with multiple modes and features through an app function.

Five ways to decorate your home using LED Flexi-Strip Lighting

1. Ceiling Decoration

Installing LED strips in the ceiling coving of any space is a convenient and inexpensive way to add interest to your ceiling by highlighting architectural details. Our LED Flexi-Strip lighting can:

  • Add subtle accent lighting and a modern twist
  • Creates a warm welcome in your entryway
  • Highlight ornate ceiling details in entertaining areas such as dining and living areas.

2. Stairs

LED strip lighting can be added to stairs both below the railing or underneath the tread, this is a great way to make your stairs look sleek, and will also make it easier to navigate the stairs at night.

3. Mirrors

You can backlight a mirror with LED strip lights to have a new take on the traditional large vanity mirror bulbs. Creating a modern finish providing you with a soft glow, and limiting shadows.

4. Furniture

Adding LED strip lighting under your furniture adds a unique glow to any room and can help spaces appear larger. There are a few different pieces of furniture worth considering adding LED strip lighting to:

  • Sofas and armchairs: adds ambiance and makes it easier to find the remote control when someone drops it under the sofa
  • Tables: update an old table with a modern look using LED lighting strips to add a soft light that's perfect for parties
  • Cribs and beds: conveniently illuminate the floor enough to see at night, without waking your children or partner. You can alternatively add them to a headboard for extra soft light

5. Picture Frames

By adding LED strips to the back of an existing picture frame, you can enhance your photos with soft light, this can also be applied to prints and artwork to make them stand out even more. LED lighting strips do not emit heat, making them safer to use in your home.


Overall, LED strip lights are flexible, slim, low-profile and easy to install. LED lighting strips are perfect for adding ambiance as well as functional lighting, they can be placed anywhere in the home as long as they:

  • Have the appropriate IP rating for the conditions of the room, e.g. IP65 for lighting strips that might get wet in outdoor settings/damp environments
  • Are close enough to an outlet so they can be plugged in
  • Have a surface that they can safely be attached to

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