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Panel Heaters Vs Electric Radiators

December 16th, 2021

ATC Lifestyle Electric Thermal Radiator 500W LS500

The difference between panel heaters and electric radiators is that panel heaters produce warmth through convection, whereas radiators use a combination of radiation and convective heat.

Panel heaters are a low-cost heating solution that can be wonderfully effective in the right circumstances. By looking at the initial prices of these products alone, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that electric panel heaters are the best budget heating method.

It is however important to differentiate panel heaters from other electric heating methods, as they have a much more specific purpose. Use this blog as a guide to see why you should choose a panel heater and why they are more cost-effective than a traditional electric radiator.

How do radiators work?

Radiators use radiation of which is the same form of heat given off by the sun. Heat travels in a direct line from the heat source to warm people and objects directly. Regardless of the temperature in the air, hence why they are called radiators.

How do panel heaters work?

Panel heaters are a low-cost home heaters that heat purely by convection. Hot elements in the panel body heat the air as it circulates the room. As the elements which heat the air are unenclosed, this means that these types of heaters are cheaper and easier to manufacture than electric radiators.

Why should I buy a panel heater?

Panel heaters are incredibly eco friendly, thanks to their low energy usage which creates a smaller carbon footprint, reducing environmental damage. Cheaper panel heaters give you a low-cost option that allows you to effectively heat those less-visited spaces.

Where can I install a panel heater?

Panel heaters are best placed under windows, this way you heat up cold air descending from the window glass, and avoid cold draughts along the floor.

It's advised not to put furniture in front of a heater, as the circulation of heat around the room will be obstructed. If you have a very big room, it's worth using several sources of heat. If you choose several small heaters, the heat is spread to different parts of the room avoiding having to turn up a single heater too high.

Panel heaters should be mounted a minimum of 10cm form the floor and have 10cm clear space in the front from other objects, such as a sofa. Usually, all panel heaters come with manufacturer instructions including a guide and a template with clear instructions on how to mount the heater to a wall.

Where can I buy a panel heater?

Here at Superlec Direct, we sell top-branded panel heaters from brands such as ATC and Airvent. Our ATC Almeria panel heaters are an eco-friendly alternative to your traditional electric radiators. This is a really easy heater to program and install, they can also be operated in a programmable mode or in manual mode. The product category is designed to meet the EU's new Energy Efficiency requirements, with a number of additional features that would not be expected to be available on this type of heater. This heater is Lot 20 compliant and is designed to need the EU's new Energy Efficiency Requirements.

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