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Weatherproof Electric Boxes: How to Safely Decorate your Home this Christmas

November 10th, 2021

DRiBOX weatherproof connection box - 330 x 230 x 140mm

Waterproof electrical boxes are essential for providing a safe supply of electricity to your outdoor spaces. They are particularly useful when decorating your home for Christmas with exterior lighting and decorations, ensuring that electricity does not mix with water.

A variety of people may benefit from a weatherproof electrical box, from the average homeowner maintaining their garden to companies wanting to light large outdoor areas.

We stock a great range of quality weatherproof junction boxes designed to shield your electrics from the elements, preserving their longevity.

The weatherproof boxes come in the form of an electrical enclosure in the form of a dry box which keep live currents secure from the weather.

The Design

The design of a weatherproof junction box incorporates a very simple hinged clamp mechanism that can be opened or closed. The lid features an innovative waterproof interface which moulds around electricity cables when clamped to the box.

Space and cable length can be limiting factors stopping you decorating your outdoor spaces in the way you want, which is why we recommend our range of weatherproof electricity boxes. Even the smallest dry box can house a 4-way gang, and this ensures that the dry box can be used for most, if not all, outdoor operations.

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