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Superlec Direct provide specialised tapes such as Self Amalgamating and Denso tapes. Self amalgamating tape is used to provide a strong, seamless, waterproof, electrically insulating layer when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes. Denso Tape is used to provide on site anti-corrosion protection of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipeline valves and fittings.

1sat ONLY £3.95 ex. VAT
( £4.74 inc. VAT )
Superlec 19mmx10mtr SELF AMALGAMATING TAPE
2sat ONLY £6.50 ex. VAT
( £7.80 inc. VAT )
Superlec 50mmx10mtr SELF AMALGAMATING
2den ONLY £5.95 ex. VAT
( £7.14 inc. VAT )
Superlec 50mm DENSO TAPE