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Compound R391 Electrical Weatherproof 2x250g

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£13.14INC. VAT
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Compound R391 Electrical Weatherproof 2x250g


To protect electrical connections from moisture and corrosive vapours, Components supply a non-hardening plastic waterproof sealant. This has the consistency of putty and has good insulating properties. It can be moulded around terminals or connectors, or can be used as a mechanical seal for any form of enclosure.

Weatherproof Plastic Compound prevents electrical leakage or short circuits due to dampness. It prevents corrosion of electrical contacts in industrial atmospheres and seals irregular openings, cable entries, screw threads and covers of electrical equipment. The compound can be also used for many non-electrical applications whenever a reliable non-hardening moisture or water seal is required.

Weatherproof Plastic Compound is soft enough to be readily moulded around terminals or intricate contours or pressed into cavities. It is not sticky but has good adhesion to moulded plastic and other surfaces to resist the dislodging effects of vibration and to prevent moisture creeping along the interface. It does not harden on exposure to air or sunlight and does not shrink crack or peel. Exposure to sunlight may cause a slight skin hardening which does not affect
the mass, and which can easily be removed by working in the hand. The compound is nonhardening and so can be readily moved and replaced for maintenance purposes.  The material does not liberate toxic fumes even if overheated and is harmless to the hands.

Weatherproof Plastic Compound consists of an inert filler dispersed in a plastic base. It is not resistant to oils, aromatics or aliphatic hydrocarbons. The compound is highly resistant to water permeation, acids and alkalis in liquid or vapour form under normal conditions.

It has no deleterious effect on metals and plastics or on natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC or other cable materials. It can be used to seal cable ends or cable entries to enclosures. The compound is coloured reddish brown and has an unlimited shelf life under normal conditions of wrapping and storage. 

Technical Specification

  • Specific Gravity: 1.7 g/cm³
  • Flash Point: +210°C
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C
  • Volume Resistivity at 20°C (ASTM D257:1975): 2.8 x 1012Ohm - m
  • Colour: Reddish Brown
  • Electrical Breakdown at 20°C: 18 kV / mm
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