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Switchgear & Control

Disconnect switches, fuses and circuit breakers to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment

Superlec Direct offer a wide range of electrical products perfect for a wide range of electrical projects. Find products from top brands, such as; Wylex, Lewden, Hager, Cudis, Chint, Merlin Industrial and more.

We stock everything from 17th Edition Amendment 3 Fuseboards, breaker boxes, metal isolator switches and switch fuses, rotary isolators, voltage optimisers and industrial terminals to name a few. 

Did you know? 17th Edition Amendment 3 fuseboards are now compulsory for all new installations, these fuseboards conform to the changes in definitions throughout the regulations.

EV Chargers Scolmore Elucian Consumer Units Cudis Amendment 3 Fuseboards 17th Edition Amendment 3, includes fully loaded boards, RCBOs, MCBs and main switches Lewden Consumer Units Fuseboards & accessories for installation in a domestic environment Wylex Amendment 3 Fuseboards Compulsory for all new installations from 1st July 2015 Schneider KQ Industrial Distribution Schneider KQ Industrial Distribution Wylex Industrial Distribution Meter ready NH distribution boards, RCBOs and MCBs for industrial and commercial installation Wylex NH Industrial Distribution Range 2023 Meter ready NH distribution boards, RCBOs, and MCBs for industrial and commercial installation. 2023 range. Hager Industrial Distribution Industrial & commercial distribution boards, RCBOs and MCB units Cudis Industrial Distribution Industrial & commercial distribution boards, RCBOs and MCB units Merlin Industrial Distribution Merlin distribution - end of line stock - limited availability Metal Isolator Switches & Switch Fuses From CED, CGD, Contactum, and Wylex - mainly used in an electrical or distribution or industrial environment Electric Meters & Accessories Single phase and three phase electric meters & accessories Europa Rotary Isolators Switch disconnectors are used in controls for industry, buildings, machinery & equipment Scame Rotary Isolators Switch disconnectors are used in controls for industry, buildings, machinery & equipment Eaton Moeller Isolators Used throughout industries to isolate electrical supply to machinery and equipment DC Rotary Isolators DC switch disconnectors are used use with solar panels and are rated at 1500V Gewiss Rotary Isolators IMO / STAG Rotary Isolators IMO / STAG Rotary Isolators Firefighter Switches IP65 40Amp 3 Pole firefighters switch load isolators, isolating the electrical power in the event of a fire Chint DOL Stop start switches for use on machines Chint Thermal NC1 Overload Relays To be used in conjunction with the NC1 Chint contactors & DOL stop / start units Chint Accessories Including LED indicators, push button operators, contact blocks, timers and more Breaker Boxes Various sized module circuit breaker boxes for indoor or outdoor installation Europa Industrial Terminals Europa industrial terminals and accessories for use with Din Rail also known as Top Hat Rail Fuses For use in domestic or industrial applications Chint NC1 AC Coil Contactors Chint Contactors for use in heavy duty industrial applications - mainly used remote motor control components Amphenol Connectors Clearance or Discontinued Items Limited stock!